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Q) How long will it take to clean my block paved driveway ?

A) With the high pressure specialist cleaning equipment we use at H20 it takes a fraction of the time that would be required by a domestic jet-washer. An average drive that can fit 1-3 cars on it can be completed in a day, although a follow up visit may be required to brush in the Kiln dried sand.

Q) How much does it cost for cleaning and re-sanding a driveway?

A) This depends on the surface area to be cleaned. Most quotations require a visit; this can usually be arranged with a couple of days and is no-obligation. Please note that services such as re-sanding and sealing have an additional cost. Please discuss with us during site visit.

Q) Is there any mess created during the cleaning process?, and if so do you clean it up after?

A) The high-tech design of our low level rotary cleaner keeps the mess under control and away from adjacent areas we always where possible cover sensitive areas with tarpaulins and move pots etc. We always clean up after, this includes windows cleaned, garage doors, doors etc.

Q) How do you get rid of weeds from my driveway?

A) Our Machinery easily lifts weeds from root level and after we have cleaned the surface we spray special weed killers that prevent re- growth of weeds, algae and lichen.

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